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All five Warner Brothers cartoons starring Inki! Inki is usually described as a young African boy, although it is possible he is a full-grown pygmy. Co-starring in all cartoons is the un-named minah bird (usually spelled "mynah" in these enlightened days). The minah is in the folkloric role of "trickster", as was Bugs Bunny himself. He is incredibly powerful, unstoppable, and evidently dreaded by nearly all other jungle creatures. Mendelssohn's "Hebrides" overture, aka "Fingal's Cave" is the signature theme of the cartoons themselves and the minah particularly. The dark and introspective music nicely fits the minah, who roams through these cartoons largely oblivious to the action about him. Also noteworthy is his unusual walk, a syncopated three-step highlighted by a light hop into the air. 

Inki himself is baffled and intrigued by the bird, who in the first three saves Inki from the titular lion, only to inflict upon him (Inki) a final humiliation. 

One criticism which might be leveled at this series is that the first three are pretty much all variations of the same script -- a weakness which is cured in the fourth, "Inki At The Circus". This one brings Inki into the modern western world as a sideshow exhibit, where in place of a lion there are two dogs dueling for custody of the bone he wears in his hair! Also, whereas the predecessors' humor relies on the surrealistic, this one veers more into traditional Warner Brothers slapstick humor. Never fear, though, our little feathered friend walks off (with a hop and a skip) as the champion of the day.

The fifth and last, "Caveman Inki", returns largely to formula, but is set in prehistoric times -- when dinosaurs, mammoths, and men roamed the earth together. It is notable for the addition of another human character, an older man who is trying to cook up a pot of soup, but keeps getting interrupted by -- well, I'm sure you can guess. 

Chuck Jones, the genius behind much of Warner Brothers' work, including these, himself confessed he had no idea what the enigmatic minah was about; others suggest that it is emblematic of the random, baffling, and frustrating mysteries of life which we all, shoulder to shoulder with Inki, face. 

Just a couple more remarks to close: first, all these episodes are mute; there is no dialog or speech aside from animals roaring or growling. Also, and I will stipulate this may be an artifact of the age of the source material -- the minah is portrayed in the first two and the fourth as having a dark purple wing, in the third, the purple shading disappears and he is entirely black, while in the last, the shading is a bright blue/gray which extends further down his sides and onto his tail feathers. Go figure.

Please enjoy these in the spirit in which they were made, one of simple good humor and with ill will toward none. Please keep them circulating and seeded as much as you can