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David Icke - Revelations Of A Mother Goddess, With Arizona Wilde
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David Icke Revelations Of A Mother Goddess With Arizona Wilder (1999) XviD AVI Conspiracy Truth Wake up Sheeple END HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT KILL THE ILLUMINATI
2019-06-13 05:49:18 GMT
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David Icke - Revelations Of A Mother Goddess, With Arizona Wilder (1999) XviD AVI.avi - 2h 55min 32s 720 x 540

UPLOADER NOTE: I do NOT agree with David Icke, the lady in this video or anyone else for that matter bashing and blaming the Germans and the National Socialists for everything, DEMAND JUSTICE FOR GERMANS!! The HoloHOAX is a lie, 6 Million LIES it NEVER happened!! Take the information that resonates with you, take what's good and leave the rest.. Gather information from all sources consider everything open your mind to endless possibilities, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! The internet is like the Library of Alexandria yet look how dumbed down the sheeple are with all this knowledge available at our fingerprints, we can have Heaven on Earth NOW, there is Free Energy Tesla Technology being Suppressed and kept from Humanity!! Folks it is a Jew World Order the Jews are the ONLY one's you are NOT allowed to criticize, they are NOT God's Chosen People they ARE the Synagogue of Satan they OWN this whole damn world and get away with raping children and sucking the blood from their penis, Judaism is Satanic at it's core, if Jesus did exist which I personally do not think he did, but if he did the Jews killed Christ!! But me myself I'm starting to think Jesus and The Bible is just more Jewish Bollocks!! It was written by Jews, they say Jesus was/is a Jew if that's true I want nothing to do with him!! Israel OWNS America 100%. America fights Israel's wars for it, the Jews own the media, the banks, they dominate the degenerate perverse Porn Industry, the Jews are behind Gun Control and Open Borders in White Nations!! DEMAND OPEN BORDERS FOR ISRAEL, JEWS LOVE MULTICULTURALISM EVERYWHERE EXCEPT ISRAEL!! ISRAEL DID 9/11 (September 11th, 2001) RESEARCH "The 5 Dancing Israelis' on 9/11" THERE WERE ISRAELIS' DANCING AND CELEBRATING THE TOWERS BURNING AND CRASHING!!


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