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                          The Sims 4: Get to Work


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- The Sims 4: Get to Work (Version - Pre-cracked with RELOADED crack)

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Can I download and play this even though I have the actual game on disc? And can I play it while connected online.
^ i also want to know this.
@johnny74ify & @AndreaAndi

Yes, it is possible. The disc version also uses Origin to play the game anyway.
BUT keep in mind that you either have to close Origin while playing the game, or put it in Offline Mode, because otherwise Origin will detect that the game is not officially linked to your account, which results in the expansion pack not being loaded.
So no, you can't go online with the expansion pack, but you can with your original copy.
If you'd like to use the Online Gallery, see this:
Worked like a charm, no problems at all :) Thank you so muc, you guys are the best :*

Thanks for the info.
I'm a bit confused. It says in the installation guide that you have to drag and drop the files into the folder where the base game was downloaded. It gives the folder location for the base game only if it was downloaded from G4TW. I have the base game disc so where do I drag and drop the files to? I've tried Program Files(x86)/Origin Games/Sims 4, loaded the game while offline and nothing happened.
That's correct, because the installation location might be different for other released.
In your situation you should indeed copy over to: C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesThe Sims 4

This time try playing with Origin COMPLETELY closed, instead of just offline mode. Good luck!
ok after browsing around your forums I found out that I have to completely turn off my internet connection for it to work, and now it works perfectly :) Thank you so much!
I disconnected from internet before I installed,went into the original sims 4 into the game and turned all the internet stuff off directly in the game then went offline on origin still wont work gives me this error message about how my sims is not up to date please update my game via origin , Have put the crack in ever possible folder directory still the same run around tried uninstalling same deal.
@qtoot you have to update via their Ultimate Fix, I'm not sure if it's on TPB yet but it's on their website. Also you have to disconnect from the internet completely, not just in Origin.
Okay so I have G4TW's Sims 4 base game installed. I did what the installation asked. (While installing it I had went onto airplane mode) and then copied the listed folders to the folder my game was installed in by default. I pasted and replaced the files and ran my game but I'm not seeing the new jobs (Doctor, Scientist, Detective) in the game... Did I do this wrong?
So bummed the other torrent I downloaded of this DLC stopped working for me. Can't even get an answer from the uploader.

Going to try this one. Has anyone had any problems with it just stopped working a few days later?? Dont want to download another one and it ends up the same as the other torrent. :)
I have installed the base game and it works fine. I downloaded this expansion and moved the folders over like the directions stated. But then when I relaunched the game, the expansion is not there. It just loads like its the base game...any suggestions?
@TULbitFun Same here

Me too, exactly the same happened.
Terrible release by Games4theworld as always
Heey. i installed the game and then i copyed all the files from the expansion pack in my game directory and i still don't have the pack. What should i do?
Im still so confused. I have a disc version which I bought from the shops. I placed Games4theworlds folders in my Documents - Electronic Arts - Sims4
(I have windows8). I then turned origin off, and opened sims 4 and nothing happened. Have I placed in the wrong place?
Doe this work with a cracked base game of the Sims 4?
Thank you! It works fine for me.
If you having probs seems to me you gotta have a save game already, download this copy/paste into your game installation, download the ultimate fix from thier site it has latest crack v1.7 something and it should be good to go.

Works sweet but sims 3 is 1000x better.
Thank you so much ! This works 100% . It was a bit tricky to make it work, thank god i read through the instructions and used the previous crack.

In reality i really dont see this expansion being as fun. Comparing to the other games the sims 3 was way more fun then this sims 4 version.

You get new jobs, new items, but it looses the fun factor fast. Another thing is if you played the sims 2 and the sims 3 you will notice similar "items" on this expansion pack.

Now that you read it try it for yourself and let me know your opinion. Happy simming guys!!
so confused. downloaded it. copied all of the files. i have the disc version and i put it in the base game folder. turned off internet and it still didnt work
Thank You ! Everything works ^^
Works great, thank you!
Will this work with windows 10? I can't seem to get it working and it occurred to me that it may not be compatible.
i have windows 10 and have a legit downloaded version of sims 4 and this shitty upload doesnt even work dont waste your time on this.
Followed all instructions precisely.

Installed without a hitch.

Works flawlessly. Seeding.

Thanks :)
Oh, and I'm running Windows 10 on an HP Gold Luxe pavillion laptop.
I did as the word said and now sims is opening for half an hour now. just that green thing spinning around for 30 minutes. What should I do?