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Diablo II + Lord of Destruction [PC] [ENGLISH] [ISO]
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2014-06-08 09:02:55 GMT
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 1. Install Diablo II (Full Install).
 2. Install Diablo II – Lord of Destruction Expansion Pack.
 3. Apply the 1.13d update to patch the game to the latest version.
 4. No crack required.

Enjoy & Seed!


For all them ppl saying theres a problem mounting the ISO just copy the archive and paste the same on another folder , it should work after that.
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What the fuck are you talking about?
Works perfectly. Thank you SO much!
Hi. I've been trying to install D2 but my installation gets aborted because I can't install something and I get some kind of access denied message. What can I do?
@hernypa WTH???? hahahahahahaha

Try installing with administrative privileges
I get a "generic bad file" error. Otherwise, the game installed and patched smoothly.

Any ideas?
Actually, a reinstall did the trick.

however, I'm stuck with another problem. My characters don't save properly. As soon as I save/exit the game, the character reverts back to his level 1 status.

Allright, fixed it.

I had to go to the registry key with regard to the save path and make a new safe folder in the diablo 2 folder.
All right I'm stumped. I mounted the install iso but nothing autoruns, so I tried manually running the setup files (directly and extracted) and it just keeps telling me to insert the install disc. I'm sure it's something simple I missed but I don't really know what I'm doing and I've been running trial and error for like an hour. Thanks.
Also, I don't get an error message when mounting like @duskripped. It shows everything as properly mounted but still doesn't work.
cinematic disk errors out on d2video.mpq. as for every one having problems mounting just open the iso with nero or what not and burn it to a cdr
correction it was just the cdr disk making it error out
Thanks Man, Works Great on Windows 98 SE )
Pentium 166 MMX @ 250 Mhz (FSB 100)
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